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Sagicamhost provides you with the best Dedicated hosting in Cameroon and Africa as a whole. With dedicated hosting, you hire an entire tangible server for your websites.

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Best Shared Hosting Cameroon

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Best Shared Hosting Cameroon

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Dedicated Server Hosting is the ultimate in web hosting solutions. In summary, dedicated hosting is an process when you hire an entire tangible server for your websites. This saver is configured to meet your demands implying you own the saver alone. Since all of the resources of the server are yours and you do not have to share them with any other users, you should experience enhanced website performance sustainability and stability.

Best Dedicated Hosting in Cameroon

Why Sagicamhost is the Best VPS hosting Cameroon

If you need Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, it’s clear that you need a worry-free hosting solution. Our Host Guard server management, provided by our Guru Crew support team, can offer you exactly that. Rest assured that our team is on call 24 hours a day to take care of your hardware, network and server software! Your dedicated server includes:

Smart System Notifier This is our exclusive 24/7/365 server monitoring system that immediately notifies our support team if it detects a hardware or network issue on your server. In most cases, our team will have been able to resolve any server issues before you even experience any difficulties. The Smart System Notifier is the key factor in our worry-free service. What more could you ask for?

Notification Center the Smart System Notifier is ideal for keeping our Guru Crew support team informed of everything that is happening on your server. Want to stay in the loop too? That’s what our notification center is for! We will automatically send you an email regarding any specific server events. Stay informed, whether it’s a high load, a full file system or any number of other events. You can choose to accept or decline these notification emails directly in your SAGICAM Hosting control panel.

Free Priority Support As a customer of our dedicated hosting, you benefit from our priority support service. This means that your support ticket questions will immediately reach the top of our queue. So you know you’ll get even faster response times!


Server Deployment In 30 Minutes our team has already configured and tested your server. It is configured and ready to go! Buy your server hosting now and you should have access to it within 30 minutes. That’s barely enough time to take a nap between the time you purchase your service and the time you have access to your server!

While the following few features don’t necessarily contribute to our worry-free solution, you’ll soon discover how nice it is to have them!

Startup And Restart Controls You’ll have full control over starting and restarting your server. Use these features whenever you need them, directly from your SAGICAM Hosting customer portal.

Totally Isolated Environment the advantages of our dedicated servers in terms of power, stability and reliability all come from the fact that you do not share your server resources with other users. You are never affected by another client because it is your server, and yours alone.

Fast Server Updates increasing your server resources is not a bad thing. It means you are successful! Our fast server upgrades mean that you can get fast, and most importantly, timely server upgrades to meet the increased needs of your sites.


Managed Bare Metal Dedicated Hosting let’s you have the customization choices and dedicated resort of owning your own BMD server while SAGICAM’s Guru Team handles the configuration and optimization of the hardware, core server software, network, and security; including installing patches and updates. Our new servers give you a brand range activities of CPU, offer NVMe storage options, and have pre-configured Turbo options to get the highest levels of speed and performance and reliability.

Turbo Plans = high Speed

Choose a Turbo plan with a relative increased speed and performance options.

Choose Our Reliable Your CPU

Select the dedicated plan with our high processors, of your choices.

Ultra-Fast NVMe Storage Options

NVMe storage offers up to 3X faster read/write ultimate speeds with Turbo.

High Performance And Reliability

Built for high speed and performance our new BMD servers really purr and reliable.

Ultra-Reliable Servers

Depend on SAGICAM Hosting! Your account is backed by our 99.9% Uptime Commitment.


There are a good number of advantages you will experience with Dedicated Server Hosting. Few of these advantages can be mentioned bellow:

Reliability – While shared hosting and other solutions are not very reliable, you do not share resources with other users on a Devoted Server. That means those resources are encrypted exclusively towards keeping your site up and running. This is especially true during data trafficking and other periods when you experience massive visitor volume. Of course, at SAGICAM Hosting, we back up your server with our 99.9% Uptime Commitment with reliability isn’t a concern!

Performance – from an over view, your resources are encrypted so you get the added benefit of all your server’s processing power ensuring your website runs at  high peak performance.

Configuration – With root access on our Core and Unmanaged Servers, you have complete control over how your server is configured. Try out our custom software, configure specific server settings to your liking and get access to your server logs.

Security – You never have to worry about what other users or sites are doing on your server because you are the only one on your server! Better yet, SAGICAM Hosting manages your security when you choose our Core and Managed Server options! We take care of the latest security patches and updates!

Scalability – Choosing a dedicated server means that you will not only be able to plan for the growth of your business and website, but also manage that growth with ease. Scalability means that you will enjoy a number of benefits, such as having the resources to add new software, the ability to handle additional website traffic, process more orders and keep up with database growth.


A dedicated server is a great hosting solution if you have outgrown shared hosting and are about to need more resources and power than a VPS. Here are some examples of when you should choose a dedicated server.

  • You need hosting for a popular blog or high traffic website.
  • You run an e-commerce site that generates revenue.
  • You want to use resource-intensive software.
  • You have a media-rich website with videos, images, podcasts or streaming music.
  • Your website runs slowly on your current hosting solution, especially if you have already optimized your site to load quickly.
  • You receive warnings about resource usage, such as lack of disk space, with your current hosting solution.
  • You don’t want to be hosted on a server with other sites, especially for security reasons.


Absolutely! At SAGICAM Hosting, one of our goals is to create user-friendly solutions that “work”! Our dedicated hosting is no exception! In fact, our managed servers feature the easy-to-use cPanel control panel. Use cPanel to easily manage your sites, databases, files, email and more with its intuitive interface. Of course, your managed server also includes our 100% worry-free Host Guard management. Let our team of experts handle all the details, including managing your hardware, network and main server software! That way you can focus on building and promoting your site.


At SAGICAM Hosting, you have the choice between managed dedicated servers and unmanaged dedicated servers. Which one is right for you?

A managed dedicated server is the ideal environment if you are used to share hosting or managed VPS hosting. This is because you have access to the cPanel control panel, but with the power and resources of a dedicated server. With this intuitive control panel, you can easily manage your website, databases, files, email and much more in its graphical interface! SAGICAM Hosting’s managed servers also feature Host Guard management, which provides you with a 100% worry-free hosting experience. You can be sure that SAGICAM Hosting’s expert Guru Support team will take care of your hardware, software and security. Our team will also make sure that your core software (PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc.) are all up to date with the best versions!

An unmanaged dedicated server is designed for more experienced users who are comfortable managing their sites from the command line. Our unmanaged servers also offer root access which allows you to dig into your server and customize it with your perfect configuration.

Please note that our unmanaged dedicated servers are designed for more experienced users. Although you have the option to add the cPanel option, our unmanaged servers have root access and should only be chosen by users who are comfortable with the command line.


If you are interested in dedicated server hosting, choosing a high-performance dedicated server hosting company should be a top priority. You are investing in your business. Make sure you invest wisely!

The performance of your site has a direct impact on your results and the success of your business. Indeed, most visitors expect a site to load in 2 or 3 seconds. A mere one second delay in page load speed negatively impacts a number of key statistics, including your bounce rate, conversion rate, visitor satisfaction rate, and even your search engine ranking. Don’t let a slow dedicated server ruin your chances of success. Choose SAGICAM Hosting where it’s “Our Speed, Your Success”!

At SAGICAM Hosting, we choose the best hardware, software and network for your site. Add to that the fact that our expert Guru Crew support team uses our industry leading server configuration and your page load speed will never be an issue!

Looking to make your server really fast? Choose our Turbo Boost servers! Our Turbo Boost servers use an Apache replacement that improves loading speed! They also offer faster and more efficient connections!

If you are using Turbo Boost servers, you should also consider our Turbo Caching! Turbo caching increases the speed of your page loads by storing all of the HTML content of your pages in memory. This means that your pages are served without having to run PHP, saving even more precious page load time!


At SAGICAM Hosting, our solutions are fully scalable. This means that our hosting services grow as your business and your website grow and become more popular.

Many of our customers start with our shared hosting solutions. This is a good option for users who are just starting their site and/or have smaller resource requirements. With shared hosting, your site will be hosted on a server with other customers.

For users who need more power than a shared hosting account, but with the same ease of use, VPS hosting is a popular option. Similar to shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting customers are hosted on a server with other customers. However, thanks to virtualization, VPS hosting client accounts are divided into individual server environments. Unlike shared hosting, you don’t share RAM, CPU or disk space limits with other users. A VPS essentially behaves like a miniature dedicated server.

Dedicated hosting offers the ultimate hosting environment. This is because your site, files, databases, software and more are hosted on a single physical server exclusively for your use. Just like our other plans, SAGICAM Hosting’s dedicated server plans are also scalable. You can be hosted on a server with more resources and power as your site grows in popularity!

To understand the difference between the three services, imagine a large building used for residential purposes. In a shared hosting environment, a number of users live in the same building. There are no rooms or partitions and each tenant shares resources. A VPS, on the other hand, uses the building as an apartment. Each user has their own space in the building. With dedicated hosting, each person has their own building to live in. They can divide and use the building as they wish, without having to share it or its resources with another user.


It is important to make the right investment in a dedicated server hosting company. After all, cheap prices most often lead to poor service. You can’t afford to host an unreliable server to save a few dollars. You will end up losing the few dollars you saved in downtime anyway! That doesn’t mean you should throw money away either! That’s where SAGICAM Hosting’s fully customizable servers help!

We get it! Some sites and projects are more memory intensive, but require less disk space. Sometimes you need less RAM but more disk space. Don’t get stuck paying for resources you won’t use or need! Choose our fully customizable servers where you can choose your level of RAM and disk space!

Another way to customize your server is to add the award-winning cPanel control panel to your account. While you can control your account via the command line, cPanel offers user-friendly account control. CPanel makes it easy to manage your files, databases, email and more.


Mistakes happen. The last thing you want to have to worry about is accidentally deleting your critical data. You won’t have to worry about that when you add SAGICAM Hosting’s R1Soft Continuous Data Backup (CDP) solution to your server. R1Soft has you covered in case of hardware failure or user error! R1Soft takes frequent and automatic snapshots of your individual files, websites and MySQL databases. If or when you need to recover data, simply choose from the saved snapshot options available in your user-friendly R1Soft administration panel. R1Soft even makes bare metal server recovery possible.

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FAQs About Sagicamhost Dedicated Servers


What is Dedicated Hosting?

Shared Server Hosting is the most common and affordable form of website hosting. Multiple users will share the resources.

Do I need Dedicated Hosting?

Affordability is the #1 benefit of Shared web Hosting. However most Shared Hosting platforms are also managed.

What can you do with a Dedicated Server?

Shared Website Hosting is the platform in which WordPress can be utilized. There are some platforms that can be optimized.

What’s included with a Dedicated Server?

In unmetered Shared Hosting you are sharing the resources of a server with multiple users.

Sagicamhost is the best web hosting company in Cameroon