Content Delivery Network Douala Yaoundé

Sagicam offers the best Content Delivery Network Douala Yaounde: What is a CDN?

A CDN is a content delivery network.

A content delivery network is a service that stores static files (such as images and Javascript files) on your behalf and serves them to visitors of your website from a server other than your own primary website host. Cheap domain name in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, Sudan, Ghana,  Zambia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Gambia.

Content Delivery Network Douala Yaounde

Content Delivery Network Douala Yaounde

This is done to speed up page loads and offload bandwidth from your primary host.

Why should I use a CDN?

Using a CDN will typically speed up your page load times significantly. This happens for two reasons:

CDNs deliver files faster, for a number of reasons:

faster internet connections

faster servers

predictive caching

physical proximity

When using a CDN, several files can be sent to a browser concurrently

In addition to faster page loads (which is good for your visitors), using a CDN reduces your bandwidth usage at your hosting service. If you are paying for bandwidth, this can save you money. Even if you aren’t paying directly for bandwidth usage, this can save you money by allowing you to run on a lower-powered hosting plan than you may otherwise need if you had to serve all your content yourself. Content Delivery Network Douala Yaoundé

On top of performance enhancement, CDNs usually reduce downtime and can help mitigate certain types of security threats. Some CDNs provide DDOS protection. At Sagicamhost, we also specialise in other services like Logo DesignWeb Design and Web Hosting.

How to use a CDN?

This varies depending on the CDN. Most CDNs, though, make it very easy to setup. Often, all you need to do is set your DNS records to point to the CDNs proxy servers, and they take care of the rest. At Sagicamhost, we offer you the very best. You can visit our Facebook page for more details about our services.

Can I use a CDN with WordPress?

Yes. Any CDN will work along with WordPress — you don’t need a WordPress-specific solution. However, there is one built into the Jetpack plugin bundle is integration with the Photon CDN, powered by Get free domain name in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, Sudan, Ghana,  Zambia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Gambia.

Do I need a CDN?

You don’t need one, but it is foolish to not use one. CDNs can significantly improve your performance while lowering costs. They are easy to set up, and there are free CDN services available.Content Delivery Network Douala Yaounde.

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