How to Create a Website Cameroon

How to Create a Website Cameroon: Firstly, to create a website, you will need to choose a platform on which you want to build your website on. There are many different platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc) you can choose from to help you build a website without adding a single of code.

Building a website with a Content Management system can be a lot of fun, and you actually not need to enter any lines of code. Choosing a content management system that works best for your needs will make the process a lot smoother and simpler. You could consider the some of the following questions; do you need an Online Store? A Small Business site, or are you looking to entertain or inform others with a blog or content site?

With 4000+ websites hosted here at Sagicam Host we have seen our fair share of Websites, as such we know what the most popular and simple platform to use are.

Most Popular CMS Platforms


NOTE: This is only a handful of the systems you can use. At Sagicam Host, we use Softaculous. It is loaded with dozens of different kinds of website builders or CMS which you can add with just a couple mouse clicks.How to Create a Website Cameroon

WordPress being the most popular platform means it will be our main focus platform here.

Why WordPress?

If you’re new to website development, I suggest using WordPress. It is the easiest to use and often faster when creating a new website. There are thousands of free and paid themes that you can choose from to help you set that eye catching “Look and Feel” of your website. So no matter how you want it to look for example like; Professional, Personal, Fun, Technical, then WordPress is a great option. WordPress also has some premium visual builders or plugins like Divi and Elementor which enable you to create your website in a drag and drop fashion.How to Create a Website Cameroon

Primarily no single line of code is required to build your site with WordPress. Through the use of themes and plugins, you can quickly develop the perfect website in few minutes. However, coding knowledge is required if you want to add more customization to your theme if a certain feature in your theme does not fit your needs.

Because WordPress is so popular, finding help for virtually any aspect of the application is easy to come by. Forums, tutorials and more are easily accessible both in video format and in articulated formats.  One of the most important aspects of WordPress is the fact that it is FREE.

Secondly, your next decision is to choose a domain name and a Hosting provider, e.g Sagicam Host.

Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name is a unique address which points to your website content. Think of it like being able to name your house. It is how visitors will find your site and explore its contents. A good strategy must be considered if you want a successful site. You can visit our facebook page for more details

When coming up with a name, ask yourself:

  • Does the name match the content? You wouldn’t want to name a website “” if your plan is on building a pet website.How to Create a Website Cameroon
  • Is the name of your site short and sweet? The shorter a name is, the easier it is to type and even easier to be remembered. A long name could lead to misspellings or avoidance from users. For example instead of com why not just
  • Is the domain name easy to spell? A simple misspelling of a word in the name could cause traffic to go elsewhere or visitors considering the site not to exist anymore.
  • Are you using the right domain extension, like .com or .net? Some extensions will not be available to you depending on where you live. Today, there are a few extensions available depending on industry and purpose. Be creative.
  • Is your domain name too generic or close to an already existing domain? Having a domain name that might be confused with other already established websites can make it difficult to rank in search engines. It’s a good idea to search for your potential name in Google to make sure it’s not already being used by someone else.

Coming on with a good name for your website is usually fun or frustrating. Each time you feel you have gotten the perfect one, boom! Someone else has it. However, that is easy to get on with a bit of imagination. In certain cases. If you experience a lot of trouble finding a name, the role of thump is to switch to abbreviations, e.g, and with each letter representing a word in your business name, for example could stand for first engineering solutions. This means it is very vital for your domain name to represent your content or business.How to Create a Website Cameroon

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