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Register Domains Cameroon: It all starts with a domain name. A domain name is an online address which you decide to choose for your website. The IP address is a unique string of numbers and other characters that is used across the Internet to access websites from any device or location. A Domain name can be thought off as a contact number in your phone. Instead of typing a series of complicated numbers (IP address) you’re your browser, you type in a domain name. A domain name can be followed by many unique TLDs which gives you a chance to stand out online. Do you know about our Reseller Hosting, Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting services?


Sagicam Host provides its users with a Domain Checker to find unique domains.

Catch all your ideal domain names with Sagicam Host domain name search tool free of charge.

Sagicam Host provides you with the most popular top level domains in Cameroon and the world at large that best fits your needs.

Purchase any 12 or more months hosting plan and get a FREE domain or FREE at Sagicam Host.Register Domains Cameroon

5 Tips on Finding the Perfect Domain Name for your Business.

Your domain name is your web identity. This means that while choosing a domain, you don’t essentially choose with regard to what fits your business but also what seems easier to promote.

Here are a few tips for you;

Make it memorable

Keep the domain name short. Sagicam Domain Checker will help you to find the one that fits you best.

Know your audience

Make your domain name relevant to your audience. Target keywords in your domain names are important. Make a domain extension research with sagicam Domain Checker.Register Domains Cameroon

Less but better

Avoid any hyphens and numbers, don’t use any Non-Unicode characters in your domain names. Think about the domain name as an investment. Your good domain name may be worth a fortune in the future.Visit our page About Sagicamhost to know more of Website Hosting Service ,Dedicated Hosting and  Cloud Hosting.

Check for popular keywords

Use the Sagicam Domain name Checker tool to find domains with popular keywords. Protect your brands by buying the same name and variations of it with the most popular domain extensions.Visit our Facebook page for more details

Be fast to be first

If you have found a domain name, the general rule of thumb is to be fast to buy the domain before it gets taken by another buyer. It is not surprising to see a domain name you researched on and found available today be found ‘TAKEN’ or not available tomorrow. Get our Affiliate Program and Website Builder.

Domain Privacy
Domain Privacy anonymizes your identity in Whois and blocks spam.Keep your personal information confidential
Domain Privacy protects the contact details of the owner of a domain in the WHOIS directory. Normally, this public database is used to check the availability of a domain and who it belongs to, but marketers and scammers can also exploit it for other benefits, like sending emails. spam or your identity theft. Why not get WordPress Hosting, Traffic Booster and Email Marketing.
Renewal Warranty is the absolute guarantee never to lose an important domain.Losing a domain can cost you dearly
You run the risk of permanently losing your domain. Each year, tens of thousands of companies find themselves blocked without email and without a website because of the non-renewal of their domain.

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