Reseller Hosting Cameroon

Reseller Hosting Cameroon: Build your Business on a powerful managed server with Sagicam International.
Establish and grow your reseller hosting business on a powerful redundant infrastructure managed by experts. With our plans built to meet the needs of hosting resellers at any stage, that is whether you are exploring new ways to monetize your web services, looking to improve performance and stability for your clients, or just want to start a web hosting business of your own, our Reseller Hosting solutions offer the best possible experience for you. Visit our page About Sagicam host  for more information. Get cheap hosting services in Buea. Come to realize our  Website Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and WordPress Hosting all in Cameroon.

Best Reseller Web Hosting Cameroon

Fully Managed Hosting

Sagicam takes the burden of server management off your plate so as to help you focus on the things that matter most to your business.
Free WHMCS License
WHMCS is the easiest way to manage your clients with automated billing and many more. How to get reseller hosting in Cameroon.

Assisted Setup and Migration

Whether you are starting a new business or migrating hundreds to thousands of client sites, our Launch Assist onboarding will handle your setup and migration.
Built for WordPress and More
Bring your own web applications or easily launch sites using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and many more.
Hosting that Scales with You
From your first client to your thousandth of clients, Sagicam hosting scales to your business needs across Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Servers well as custom solutions. Relaible and cheap reseller hosting services in Buea.

Reseller Hosting Cameroon
Technical Support, 24/7

Get fast friendly assistance on any client issue that may come up. Our team is available through live chat, phone, and email.More details on our page Cloud Hosting
Trusted by Hosting Resellers for Dependable Uptime and Security
Growing any business can be a challenge, especially one that can be crippled by unexpected server downtime or malware. That is why many resellers have chosen Sagicam Reseller Hosting and a reason why you will certainly choose us because you will definitely thrive under our vigilant server management with DDoS protections and on the unwavering power of our redundant infrastructure.

Flexible Reseller Hosting Solutions which allows you to Earn More While Spending Less

Our powerful hosting solutions built for Resellers give you the flexibility to support as many clients as you need without arbitrary limitations on the number of client sites supported. This allows you to use your server resources the way you wish it should be thereby reducing your costs and maximizing profits.See more on our page Dedicated web hosting.
Not Sure Where to Start? Cheapest Reseller Hosting services in Yaounde.
If your hosting needs are complex or you are simply not sure where to start, do not worry! Our hosting and migration experts can work with you to build the perfect solution and plan your transfer. Just Contact us, we are available 24/7.Reseller Hosting Cameroon

Ultra efficient

The web hosting technology (Cloud / Nginx / Cpanel) that we use ensures total availability of your website and extremely low latency.

Responsive support

Our team is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to provide you with quality online support. Whatever your problem, we will find a solution. You will find online technical support in the bottom right corner of your screen. Possibility to have assistance by email and telephone too.Reseller Hosting Cameroon

Cheap domain names and hosting

Sagicamhost offers cheap domain names and hosting at affordable prices;Why will you choose Sagicamhost domain names and hosting over other host? The answer is simply reliability and low price and our experience in the website design domain names registration and hosting services. Our cheap domain names is an advantage for you to realize your dreams faster, start with a name and we will provide web hosting services for your files to be uploaded and made live on multiple websites on one panel for just 15,000 francs. Best Reseller Hosting Services in Yaounde-Cameroon.

for example: + + ……

cheap domain names and hosting Cheap top level domains in Cameroon

We sell top level domains at affordable prices,get a .com,.org ,……….or .cm for as little as 10,000FCFA/Year,our hosting services will directly integrate or point your domains to our servers.We offer DNS management,email forwarding and premium dns addons at no cost.We have an automatic payment and activation of your domain anytime you place an order online,equally with Sagicamhost`s hosting packages.

Sagicamhost`s super domains and hosting is what powers businesses and companies in Cameroon and the other countries like USA,South Africa,Gabon………..We have a good reputation of offering free domain names for each hosting package you buy from us.More about our services on youtube,Sagicam.

Dedicated servers and Virtual private servers Cameroon

Besides of cheap domain names and hosting services,we equally virtual private servers and dedicated servers to power up heavy business websites.Thinking of running a websites with thousands of visitors daily,heavy database transactions,daily backups and much more? Sagicamhost has got you covered.All of our packages are up gradable,whether you need additional memories(ram) or disk space any desired capacity is possible.Our constant support and live chat available 24h/24 keeps you assured of a door to door assistance whenever need be.We have professional,experience and high tech experts at your service to resolve issues that might arise for novice users be it domain configuration,cpanel or other website related issues or settings.,sagicamhost`s makes all that possible.Visit our Facebook page for more details

Servers in the USA

Our servers are located in the United States and the United Kingdom. This is to make it easier for search engines to reference your websites and improve visitors’ access to your sites.

CPanel control panel

You don’t have to be a seasoned computer scientist to manage your web hosting. With the CPanel management tool, Become a professional in managing your website in just a few clicks. Reseller Hosting Cameroon


You are entitled to an unlimited number of @yourdomain email addresses. You can also manage your messages directly online thanks to Webmail. And your email accounts are protected with our anti-spam system.Visit our Twitter account for more details

Web to Android conversion

We plan to convert your website into an Android application at your request and to advertise it on the Play Store.

We provide quality service. Whether your site is just a blog or contains hundreds of pages, you’ve come to the right place. Host your website with us and you will not be disappointed. We already host thousands of websites and we guarantee our availability and the availability of your website anytime, anywhere.

Shared hosting

We offer you the possibility of paying reduced fees for hosting your websites by opting for shared hosting. This solution is ideal for small businesses and individuals. Despite the shared storage space and CPU resources, you can still run all of your favorite applications and this will not reduce the loading time of your websites in any way. Installing CMS such as WordPress, Joomla,… is easy thanks to our automatic installers and your data is automatically saved in the system. Get to know about our Traffic Booster, Email Marketing and Affiliate Programs all in Cameroon.

Reseller hosting

Start your own web hosting business by purchasing resources from us that allow you to become a reseller of web hosting. Buy bandwidth, disk space and Cpanel accounts…, divide them and sell them to your customers. If you have any problems, our technical support is available at all times to help you. With our reseller hosting service, you provide your customers with quality service. The fastest reseller hosting services in Buea-Cameroon.Reseller Hosting Cameroon

Managed dedicated servers

We also offer you the possibility of using our dedicated managed servers to securely save your large applications and websites. No need to worry about the security of your system or worry about losing your data, we manage everything. It is perfect for resellers of accommodation and large branches. In addition you have full access to your servers in order to make your own modifications. Our technical support is still available in the event of any problems. More details on our page Douala Professional Emails

Free Website Migrations

No need to worry anymore when you want to migrate your websites from one host to another. Our team takes care of it in a few hours and it won’t cost you a single penny.

99.9% website availability

Your websites are available almost all the time in order to guarantee better visibility by search engines and to increase the number of visitors. The latency is more linked to the network and the server than to the availability of the site.You can read more on our page Cameroon Professional Emails

Ultra fast web hosting

Visiting a slow website is boring and eventually the visitor gets tired and leaves. We guarantee you an optimal loading time for your websites whatever their size.

Our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!
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