Sagicam is the most famous Web Design in Yaounde. Sagicam offers the most beautiful Web Design with extra-ordinary features. In order to design a good and beautiful website, let us Introduce you to WP (wordpress) Pro. Our Web Design services are recognize in Yaounde, Douala, Limbe, Buea, Nkongsamba, Dschang, Kumba, Mamfe, Ebolowa, Bamenda. 

You can boost your WordPress hosting with detailed website analytics, marketing tools, security, and data backups all in one place.Get free domain name in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, Sudan, Ghana, Zambia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Gambia.

With wordpress, you can create anything, for anyone.

With wordpress, you can build and design a website that meets your special needs. For instance, you can start a blogging business, a business site, an online store or anything else that can suit your needs.



WordPress also has features like built in optimization, pre designed themes that can be used even on mobile phones. These features help you to create a simple or confiscated website which you can use to advertise and promote your business or you can just use it for your family needs.Buy domain name in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, Sudan, Ghana, Zambia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Gambia. Web Design in Yaounde

WordPress offers plans that fit your needs.

Irrespective of your budget size, wordpress still has a plan that will fit all your needs. All you have to do is just create a free website then you can have access to professional themes, storage space and many more.

Plans for any budget

Start for free and get your website running quickly. Upgrade for advanced customization and themes, additional storage space, and business tools.

Blog, website, or both

At Sagicamhost, we can help you to build a blog website, a full website or even a combination of both. You can decide to write about your life or your work, or to build a business website. We are at your service.

Automatic editor

Our editor is fast, automatic, and includes HTML and Markdown support. We save your work every few seconds, so you’ll never miss a word.

Upload or embed media

We help you to know how to Drag‑and‑drop images into posts and pages and also how to create photo galleries that are worthy of a designer.  We also show you how to embed audio, video, documents, maps and more. we also help to attract more traffic to your website. You can visit our page traffic booster to know more about this.Get free domain name in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, Sudan, Ghana, Zambia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Gambia.

Optimized for growth

Using WordPress and its essential features built in, including site statistics, basic SEO, and social media sharing, we help to optimize your website and increase its growth potential. We also distinguish your site from everyone else’s and help make a long-term first impression.Web Design in Yaounde

It is important to know that web design entails more than just the way you arrange colors, fonts and elements on a page. The design influences the way visitors view your business and your brand. Once you have a powerful presence online, you can be able to build trust with your customers and this will also help to make your site to be different from other sites. At Sagicamhost, we also design logos. Visit our page logo design to read more on it.

Sagicamhost helps you to design a website that makes you outstanding.

At Sagicamhost, we offer a variety of tools and tutorials to ease the process of designing a website and making it straightforward. With this, it will be easy for you to express yourself by designing a professional website that spells out your style or your business and brand.

We also design Mobile Friendly Website Design which looks amazing on any device

A website designed by Sagicamhosts is mobile optimized to look great on the go. You can modify it further with the automatic mobile editor and make your site look and perform exactly how you want.

Professional Marketing Tools to Promote Your Site

We also Create and share attractive social media posts, make splendid  promotional videos and send eye-catching email marketing campaigns designed to bring customers to your site. All of these professional features are available with our website.

Secure, Reliable Hosting to Complete Your Online Presence

After designing your website for you, we can also host it for you. We offer web hosting services at very affordable prices. Our storage space is very large and thus can accommodate all your images, videos, music files and more. This will help to establish your presence online and bring your website to life.Web Design in Yaounde

Why web design is Important!!

It is very important for your website to attract visitors and create a long lasting impression on their minds. A website that is active makes visitors to have a positive view of your brand.  It also has a great role to play when it comes to how your website will rank in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). This determines how your website will rank on search engines like Google.Cheap domain name in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, Sudan, Ghana, Zambia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Gambia.

Important things in a website that affect your SEO


For your website to rank higher on Google, it is advisable to use colors and sizes that are pleasant to the eyes. If the text on your page is easy to read, it will lead to a better user experience and increase the chances for your site to rank higher on Google. You can also go to our Facebook page and read more about our services.

Easy Navigation

As concerns user experience, the navigation of your website and the design should be automatic. This is because when your navigation is straightforward, it makes it very easy for visitors to find what they are looking for and for search engines to easily go through your pages. If this is done, it will have a great impact on the ranking of your site.

Captivating   Color Scheme

When choosing a color scheme, you should think of the type of feelings you want your visitors to have when they come to your site. For instance, blue portrays a sense of professionalism. When your site looks beautiful, it will definitely attract more visitors to it thus leading to an improved SEO.Get free domain name in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, Sudan, Ghana, Zambia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Gambia. Web Design in Yaounde

Contents that are found Above the Fold

In web design, the portion of the page that is shown to a user before they start scrolling is known as above the fold. So it is advisable to keep the important details in sight so as to give your visitors the information they need before they start scrolling. By so doing, they will have an idea on what they will do or find on your site. You can also make your menu, your logo and even CTA (call to action) to be instantly seen by visitors because it will lead to a better navigation experience and an improved SEO.

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